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You have arrived at the brand new

Snarky McF Button Co. store!

This full-featured web store is a dream a long time in the making. The fact that you are reading this now means it is no longer just a dream. We have done it and it is working!

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Back in 2008, at the persistent urging of a great many friends for whom I had been making snarky buttons for fun, I turned my efforts into an official business called the Snarky McF Button Co. That was all fine and dandy, but for the last few years my life’s commitments have prohibited me from giving the business my full attention. The buttons deserve better - and you, the discerning snark lover -  deserve better.  So I am making some pretty big changes around here. One of the biggest of these is hiring Cherie Chavez to manage the company. I will continue here in certain capacities, like being as snarky as ever, but Cherie will take your orders and assure they get from our doorstep to yours in record time.

We have been working hard to find, catalog and include all of the Snarky McF Button Co. buttons in the new store and we will continue to do so, since we are unearthing new snark in the button factory just about every day. Several hundred new buttons have been added to the new store that never even made it to the old shop site! This new, improved site is searchable, has categories that so many people have been requesting for so long, and it offers more and easier ways to share the snark, to browse and place orders, and to pay. The new site also expands the kinds of products we can bring to you, like the very special, one-of-a-kind vintage buttons we make from old source material.

We have high hopes for this not so little store (we have nearly 1,000 items!) and since it’s brand new, we also expect there to be a few hiccups and glitches in the beginning, which we will strive to correct or improve upon as quickly as possible. Please do let us know if you come upon any difficulties or confusion in your use of the site.

The Snarky McF Button Co. is your one stop shop for snark of all sorts, but don't forget our sister company which Cherie is also managing. Look for a new website launch some time in the next few months for Buttons To The People, for affordable, high quality, custom buttons in various sizes (1”, 1-¼”, and 2-¼”) using your artwork, in quantities of 25 to 1,000 or more. Custom buttons are affordable and great for host and hostess gifts, conferences and workshops, birthdays, weddings, bachelor and bachlelorette parties,  social group events, gatherings, theme and holiday parties, and for promoting and advertising your company, project, group or band. They are also wonderful for fundraising events. Please contact cherie@buttonstothepeople.com to discuss your own custom buttons.

Thank you for visiting our new store. We hope you like what you see.


Snarky Emeritus