Vintage Monopoly Money Original Source $10 Bill

$ 3.00

Made from personally and intentionally gathered (some of these buttons' images are from our own collections) vintage, antique and unusual source materials, these 1.25", one of a kind, hand cut and pressed pinback buttons are simply and uniquely beautiful.

This button collection includes a wide array of very special buttons that make ideal gifts.

Find the perfect, inexpensive and incredibly thoughtful, unique gift by searching the entire collection, where you'll find: 

  • nostalgia
  • fine art
  • random and unfamiliar images and materials
  • magical whimsy

These buttons are more expensive than our basic Snarky McF Button Co. buttons because they take considerably more time to make and because they are unique.  There is only one of each of the images you see in the collection.  One may be similar to, or have the same basic image as, another (as in the Vintage Monopoly money buttons, where we have several buttons from the exact same source material because it was large enough to support multiple buttons), but every one of our Vintage, Antique and Unusual source buttons is completely unique because it is hand chosen, hand cut and hand pressed.

Thank you for viewing our Vintage, Antique and Unusual Source button collection.